Summer Days: Vol. 1

So I hope it would be right in assuming that "summer" is finally swinging its way around. Its been a long academic year for me. Unfortunately i am perpetually busy. This past friday i returned home from taking part in a retreat. It was great, when I walked in my room from the retreat there was a package there.

Award Toour

Victory! My brother Phil down at Award Tour hooked it up with the shirt I scoured for online. Its a PERFECT fit. and i've been rocking it around town. The shirts used for his line are like heaven. I have yet to come across a shirt of equal quality.


My mom even loves the shirt and began to ask me why i didn't order her one. I tried to avoid her questions by asking if yellow was a good color for me. I think so, Its summer time, BE DIFFERENT. On the retreat I was on, one of my friends made a very thoughtful statement. It was about summer being the perfect time to try new things, step out the box, get uncomfortable and LIVE a little


Happy Summer


p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

you look like david banner ! hahah

tYe. said...

thats new one. thats not good. im sad now