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Top Shop

My girl Arianna did an article in her school newspaper ( Pace University ) on Top Shop vs. H&M and guess who it featured ME!!!! I guess i had some very insight full words to say on the competition between the stores. well take a look. I feel sooo damn bomb that im in a New York Newspaper!

I Told You

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Air Yeezy Skate) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Since many of you are most likely hip to the LACK of success regarding the original drop of the Air Yeezys . This weekend is redemption for my boy bret. Unfortunately I wont be able to attend because of my acting. But the shoe looks great. Not so much the next drop.



KanYe West- Amazing ft Young Jeezy.

This is one of my favorite songs of 808's and Heartbreak. The location is really "amazing". But im not sure how I really feel about the video.


Double Take!

Some people say two is better than one, in some instances i agree. It would be fun to terrorize with the power of two. Above is Dee and Ricky . For those of you who dont know who they are do a little research. Any who, they are my current source of inspiration. They have a cool simple product that does well and are both Socialites . They do alot of networking and collaborations. One main thing that stands out is being mentored my Marc Jacobs . I think if i had a twin it would be some what similar. I'll just have to take over by myself.

Product found @ Dee And Ricky

Dont Give Up

If you know me, you would know that I am somewhat not a fan of shoes made by The Hundreds . Recently I've been feeling different. This color way gets to me. Its TOO attractive. Ahhh I cant give in.


Stussy S/S 09 Scarf.

I love stussy, the design is pretty snazzy also. Living in Los Angeles isnt the best right now. The weather is insane ! 95 degrees one day and 65 the next.




Photograph by Tyler Adams Model : Ellyse



Self Portrait of Tyler Adams


High End Paris

Shout out to my bro Etienne rocking the High End tee at the Arc de Triomphe in France.



What in the . . . .

Chanel Iman x Tyga. Yes there dating, Yes its random. but guess who wasn't happy about this. If you know me, then you know who my wife is.


Talk about Transformation.

Shoot Me

this picture was freshly taken

Reporting live from the gates of hell, I am back at school. The illusion of what was spring break is over. I am beginning to realize that my social life is coming to a brief halt. I sold my life to the Theatre and the spring musical is shortly catching up with me. Shit is about to get out of hand. If the post become M O R E spread out than usual, because i am only human ( not really ), bare with me. We shall see how this plays out. I am saddened as i type this pre-far well letter half sleep in spanish class. But! you guys know i mean well.

Ty Adams.


Putting In Work

Photos from Obake S/S 2009. Co-Shot by yours truly. it was very fun to shoot arround with my bro's from school. All play and no work?

Check out Obake


Summer in Miami

A very Spring/Summer-istic look from Pharrell

My top looks for S/S
- Stripes
- Oxfords
- Khakis
- "Boat" Shoes
- Woven Items

Photo from BBC/Ice Cream Blog

Long Hair Dont Care?

Cassie's Doo! Fortunately she's a person who is naturally beautiful. Her right side is a 8 and her left side is a 10



Today was friday, even though it felt like a saturday. I have no clue why but thats how it was. it was brittany's last day in town before her cruise, so we strolled on down to labrea x melrose x fairfax. It was partially raining which was WHACK. I had a itinerary/list of things to accomplish. Did I? NO

Bret being forced to take a photograph

Then I was searching for the correct Marc Jacobs store and couldnt find it, so i took this picture to show my ALMOST victory. If you havent been here, you need to go. asap

Marc Jacobs

My last stop was to reserve on fax. I walked in and saw no other but Hugh Augustine chillin with 2sant. So i messed arround in there for a minute. Harrassed Hugh about a photoshoot and his Mom , Then I had to shake back to Gardena


Cliff Hanger


Spring Break has some what started for me. Its moving kinda slow, but fortunately I have plans for my photography. My newest shoot was shot with johnnie along the coast. The photos came out GREAT. It took us a while to warm up and figure shit out. We eventually got there. Above is one of the many photos.



Shortly after the shoot we headed down to HermosaBeach to holler at some pizza. This was a spot johnnie had back in high school. The pizza was "Bamb". I had a slice of white chicken and this kind he eats. It was regular pizza with pasta. Moral of the story. . . . . success


Keys Open Doors


Marc by Marc Jacobs "Key Loops" $5.00. Available in store only.


Ooh Shit Damn!

Looky Looky.


Nike Sportswear "Tekapo" Slide Sandal.

I need that. . . lol

Happy Belated Birthday

To one of the greatest, mr.Pharrell Williams. Recording Artist/Producer/Designer.

Kiss Me ( Please Don't )

Nike SB "Kiss" Blazer Premium

Thanks For Nothing


Video Via Hawaii From Kanye, Regarding his appreciation for the support of the Air Yeezys. Im still mad about the situation but i still support the man. Its all cool.


Nuff Said

This isnt the right video, Theres another one I wanted to put up but this shit is hilarious tooo. Straight from my retarded saturday. Baby Sitting 101

Shout out to : Shar

Somethings Has To F%&*$ Give!

So many of you might know that I use a sidekick Slide. This shit is tripping again, which will make this my Fourth phone. Im not having this shit. And I dont want another damn sidekick. above is where I'm headed

One HundredMillian

So lets look at this photo as if The-Dream is not in it. Christina Milian = Baddie. Especially with that blonde hair.

Ohhh Wee

Ratchet B*^CH Please !

Stanky Leg

A campers face after he heard a hiked price for the nike air yeezys.

Smoke In The City

This Saturday, I woke up @ four fucking a.m. to prepare for the release of the "Air Yeezys". It was a complete problem. Store's were overly dramatic with the distribution of the shoe. Millennium on manchester in Inglewood,Ca made people waiting in line personally try on the shoe to MAKE sure it fits. So I almost literally Flew to Primitive in encino. There i was even closer to snatching a pair, until the last size 14. So we left depressed as ever. The experience was fun, and MAY 2 is redemption!

Trail Blazing

Hakeemm supports goldsafetypin.blogspot.com

Dirty Knuckles
Ace of drtyknux.com

Teddy Gram
This is Teddy the most gangster poodle ever. Like he was too chill, and his owner. My house hold might have a new member. Not to mention his laker rag on his neck!