Smoke In The City

This Saturday, I woke up @ four fucking a.m. to prepare for the release of the "Air Yeezys". It was a complete problem. Store's were overly dramatic with the distribution of the shoe. Millennium on manchester in Inglewood,Ca made people waiting in line personally try on the shoe to MAKE sure it fits. So I almost literally Flew to Primitive in encino. There i was even closer to snatching a pair, until the last size 14. So we left depressed as ever. The experience was fun, and MAY 2 is redemption!

Trail Blazing

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Dirty Knuckles
Ace of drtyknux.com

Teddy Gram
This is Teddy the most gangster poodle ever. Like he was too chill, and his owner. My house hold might have a new member. Not to mention his laker rag on his neck!

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