That New New

Im working, I promise.



Nike SB x Supreme "Bruin". Release : April 16th. Daddy thats Suede!


Spring Fling

Stand Out!

Pegleg NYC "Spring 09" Stripe Shirt

Flight School

So the new buzz going around is about KanYe's nike release, the "Air Yeezy". Due sometime between now and april, people will possibly to do anything for this shoe. I was reading Dons blog today there are 3 pairs released right now, they belong to him and ye.

Magic Show

Love Sex Magic.

More new new, enjoy

Dessert or Disaster?

I love this song, and Keri Hilson. Also peep out the shoe shot towards the beginning.


Bang Bang!

Coming to Los Angeles, An exhibit by dutch artist Parra. If you've seen any of his work its GREAT. He has semi-recently done a collaboration with Incase. There are some shirts rolling around with his art featured. Also for those of you familiar with recording artist "Le Le", that album cover is Parra.

In The Beginning. . .

There was:

From then to now we've came a long way. I was nothing nice.


Happy Birthday : Anthony Barr

HB bro, your finally 39! Woooooo!!!.



YES! Dirty Knuckles Spring 2009 "Make It Last" is finally here. Its been a long road, but my boy Ace did it! This release is great. There is variety and creativity applied here. lol. As you can see I've posted the photos of my favorite two pieces. Please believe i'll own.

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The Root Of All Evil!

Girl Scout Cookies

Happy Birthday !

juanda, Jordan Benton, Eric, Vinnie and DeAndre

M.O.B Im yellin it to the G R A V E !

Married to the M.O.B spring/summer

Ladies its a Good Look.

get it Here


Party Life: Jordan Benton's


Hugh Augustine



No Se,

Heart Break


This post is just a space filler for my life. Im currently semi-cramming everything now. I need to have things done for High End Spring and thats kinda working. I just have bad time management. Photography is going really well, and im looking into AP studio art for senior year. My social life is rising a little fast. Oh yea, the spring production at my school is going alright, rehearsals are getting lengthy. Im going to let this shit ride out.



Hugh Augustine @ Goldsafetypin from Tyler Adams on Vimeo.

Hugh Augustine speaks about his new CD entitled "Thesis of Elevation" and more.

Lunch Commentary, Real Life,Uncensored,



My dressin' ass sister, in her vintage Lacoste jacket. With the plaid interior. She's great!

Road Trip

Party Life: Sunset

Last night I went out with my mom and sis to bossanova after the el capitan theatre. I had ravioli with chicken y blanco creme sauce. Also i had plantain* excuse my spelling. Its fried bananas, and its SUPER bamb. By the way it's brazilian cuisine and its on sunset.

Check It Out

Season Commodity: The Oxford

Oxford is a woven fabric, softly spun and often mixed with white thread. This is another item that's simple and can go a long way. Super crisp and fresh.

Shirt by: HUF
Photo via: HypeBeast



Nike SB "Glenn Quagmire" Now Available @ DQM



I feel as if my shirt has over stayed its welcome, time to retire from the blog. Any who here's a picture of an item from my new line of bow ties. Ellyse laughs at it but, Im going to laugh at her when they catch on.

Mi Escuela

The Gift and The Curse, this is going to be the death of me. You can find me here monday through friday, looking like a gargoyle. But who really gives a fuck.

Photo Taken by: Tyler Adams.

thats me ^ lol

Everyone who's mad @ Josh's Blog post!

Im sorry you guys feel the way you do, I'll take the blame. I told josh to step his game up and he did. LMAO in a interesting way. So I influenced the post. If your still mad, High End loves you. We dont discriminate.

Thank You,

Tyler Adams. lmao

Book Worm.

Please cop the latest issue of ComplexMagazine. It's by far my favorite magazine. The best of both worlds. And its two magazines in one. DOUBLE SIDED! I own too damn many of them. If you wanna stay somewhat on top of things read it. If you can read!

The Eye!


Ok Guys, So as I scroll down my buddy list, I began to see many different people creating blogs now. At the end of the day its a good look as far as I'm concerned, BUT! we need to lay down some foundation. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! If you see something you want to use from another blog, please try and squeeze in a shout out or source. Type in COMPLETE sentences to your best ability. We understand people dont want to seem proper, YOU HAVE A EDUCATION SO USE IT . So keep it original,entertaining,blah blah blah. If you slip up, I'm talking shit!


Beau Thai

Kanye y Amber Rose.

Please Peep the bow tie. Im working on it. Just letting you know. Don't be surprised!

Party Life: Bryan Ruiz

Well , Im adding a new section to the blog titled "Party Life". Since living in Los Angeles things can be a bit difference, and we have interesting social lives, this section will be photos from parties I attend and maybe some photos. So here it is PARTY LIFE!. . . . enjoy:

Hugh Augustine ^ in the back, Check out his CD, its very good. Titled "Thesis of Elevation".

Guess Who?

First 2 people to tell me who this is might win something. You think you know but you have no idea. So lets see how much you know. Who is this mystery man, and 2 facts about him.

GO !


First Lady


Alicia Keys in a "Michelle Obama" inspired shoot.


Out of Time.

Well, I'm pretty sure you all are aware that spring is on its way. This is a time to renew and to refresh life,friendships,etc. For me personally, I use spring to refresh my closet. It's sort of a GAP season, that connects us to summer. With that being said, Here is a item of need:


Sperry Top Sider "Yacht Shoe": Perfect for almost any possible situation. Somewhat comfortable,durable, and SIMPLE

Price:$70.00 est


Short Hair Dont Care

Kanye x Amber Rose out in L.A

I dont know how I feel about the lack there of, but shes a baddie.

Daddy thats Suede

Check out the interior