Chanel Iman, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn and Arlenis Sosa cover i-D mag.


Im Back!




The Morning After By. Tyler Adams.

i gotta get on my shit.


Can I talk my shit?


High End "Late Summer Gear" Tee in white. $22.

inquiries send to ty.a.adams@gmail.com

I told you all that im working, just give me some time. Im going to do the damn thing.


Birthday Sex

Please and Thank You. This will be on my wrist very soon. If all goes well. My birthday blue. Incase you didnt know my birthday is on the 21st


The Tribe.

Glass House3
Glass House1

This past weekend I had the chance to kick it with my bro Bailey from Obake. We ran around downtown, and stumbled into a club. After that we eventually made our way to fairfax. It was nessicary since he's going off to college soon. Before that we went into American Rag. That store is amazing!!!! Ahhh so much was accomplished on saturday. I even spotted a pair of GLASSES! they're a definite must. Just check my foot work.

Glass House2

I think im in L O V E

backpack by Bruxe

I need something that will last with me all next year. Also it has to be computer proof. I think this might be the one. Im still soul searching. Any Ideas?


The Big Island

Definitely a classic. Nike SB Dunk "Hawaii". Hopefully someone comes through on these. So i can own them(cough cough. . . obake)


Brand of the day: Collab Eye Wear

I like almost every piece of eye wear sex they offer! I NEED Glasses! all of them. Im having withdrawals. I cant! arrrghhh (excuse me growling)


I think this could be interesting. Self Explanitory


So yesterday i recieved this bad boy. ^ (see) so now i have to move all my shit back into it. Its emotional. This is a major upgrade. Im really happy about it. So im back into the game now. I just need to get my photoshop and shit running again.


today i was looking around online and i see this:

APPLE! if you even think about doing this! You will receive complete hell from me personally. I dont like when you do things like this. So yea, just remember next time you want to pull some Fancy shit. DONT!


Jay-Z by nino munoz

"Eat your vegetables son!"

Nike SB has found a way to turn my least favorite vegetable into a shoe i actually am interested in. The shoe is titled "Asparagus" and is hopefully schedule to release in September '09. Hmmm hmmm good!


Word has been given that Vans is re-using their original package and advertisement. I REALLY like vintage advertisement. So eat it up.

Stefano Moro



BBC series 8 glasses.


i think these are by super.

I really want some new glasses. I'm going to drop some $$$ on them also. So be ready for it.

Ray of Light!

Sun Tattoo.


Search Light!

I really want this damn design. Ive seen it on a crewneck. I WILL OWN IT! mark my damn words.

Trader Joe's style!

IL DUE Shoes $75.00 by Gourmet


She Doesnt Know It.



Mel. Kim. La


Preview from Nike Fall 2009, Blazer Mid Supreme TZ.

Love at first sight. Fresh and Clean.



For those who thought Nooka only made watches, THINK AGAIN! I even discovered that they have a fragrance. The belt is really interesting and CLEAN. C'mon people, lets be clean this time around.

Strip Belt. $80.00 @ Nooka

Two C's

Lily Allen for Chanel

I love the black leathery trash bag look. Missy E. I cant stant the rain look.

Definitely my FAVORITE issue

Reverse Cover: Keri Hilson




Etienne wearing (highend) in nyc.

Thanks bro!!!

Daily Snaps!

Electric EEL
shock me

"Electrik Sweat" By Tyler Adams

Models: Brittany P. and Kameron

for photo inquiries contact ty.a.adams@gmail.com


Nike SB Homer Simpson I like these. They look somewhat weird. i need to see them in person.