As I am sitting here looking stupid

I realized that it is only 10:38. Ahhhh depressing. Its halloween,and im in the house blogging . I knew today was going to weak ever since the mysterious rain this morning. Thing like that throught your whole body clock and mood. On a good note, I got to chill with brittany and get a HAIR CUT !! yes, cause ya boy boy was looking like rick ross.

Trick or Treat

Nike SB mosquito. It looks like a good purchase.


Marco Polo

Forgive the title and my lack of blog posts. This weekend was somewhat busy for me. Friday I had the chance to check out the universal studio horror nights. Me,bro's,and bro-ette's headed out to check it out. ( lol ) I WAS SCARED ASS SHIT! later on that night the scare wore off. Tots and jade were crip walking monsters. Overall it was a cool night and experience.

Photos from event:






If I had that Oprah.



Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 S Coupe. 0-60 in 3 seconds. Under the hood is a 650hp 5.5L V8 engine. It could be the worlds fastest convertible next to the bently GTC.


Countdown XX | III

Jordan Countdown pack includes all black jordan 20's and Cement* 3's, which I have a penchant for (posted above)

check out : www.jumpman23.com


"Grandma Got Quick Feet!"

Tonight was the funniest night of my life! I spent the day with Bret and Brittany. We went to the ZOO and to Old Town Pasadena. Man that city is real difficult. We spent an hour trying to find a restroom because we had to (blah). Every place we went to had signs that said shit like "no Bathrooms for public niggas" The night ended with a whole family falling down the stairs. Shit " Grandma Got Quick Feet Hunny !" lmao.


"its so coooldd in the D" bret was semi dead on the concrete



C O M E again !!!!

808's and HEARTBREAK



Above are promo shots from Kanye's upcomming album titled "808's and HEARTBREAK." Scheduled for release on Nov 25, the album should show a different style of Kanye then used to. Including "Love Lockdown" and "Heartless"

Photos from The Clones.


Shocked: Astro Boy !


As a Gentleman gets dressed : Haircuts

"When one heads out to a party or public occasion,good grooming is always his first priority. He makes sure his hair is clean and recently cut. He makes such procedures part of his daily regimen, not saving them for special occasions."

Its time to step it up people.


Bond. . James Bond.


Sean Connery for Louis Vuitton. Ima be like this when I get to be a big kid

First Timer !!

Ahhhhh so this past weekend was freshman retreat at my school. Im not a freshman but I was involved. My friend Bryce welcomed me to his house where his mother prepared sushi etc. I DONT EAT SUSHI !!!! but i felt that it was time to try it. It looked nice. but ughhhhhh not so much.

Photos of sushi and the day:


The Return. . . .

Ciara - Go Girl ft. T-pain

This video is HOT. I've been posting alot of videos lately because people have been stepping it up. The way this was shot is genius.



This is by far my favorite video right now!