Barry Bonds.

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton

I really like these shoes, but I dont think my pocket can agree with that monster price. Definitely a Hit


Rest In Peace


I still dont believe it =/

Daily Snaps.


"Wrinkle" by Tyler Adams
Model: B/Polk
Photographer: Tyler Adams

Photo Inquiries contact Tyler at: Ty.A.Adams@gmail.com


Summer Days: Vol.3


Did you miss me? Today I got dressed and made my way on down to El Mercado. A small boutique located in sunny Los Angeles, Ca. Don't let the size fool you. El Mercado has alot of good shit instore. Today I went in to chill with my bro Josh and got to meet the man behind the store Ian.

(Photo: Ian (left) and Josh (right)

New Ness
(Photo: El Mercado Marisol* logo tee)

Because I'm addicted to Grey coloured clothing, I copped the freshly dropped Marisol icon tee. I was told the shipment had just landed and there were more colorways coming in. This shirt comes in a v-neck along side with the crew neck.


These bad boys here are the marisol fitted hat. I wish I wore hats, but because my head is so big I just look at them. There is about two or three different variation of the hat. I would recommend one to someone is a hat fanatic.


When you get a chance PLEASE go down to the store and check out the new ness thats currently in stock. The great thing about El Mercado is that they carry their own brand and also many others including "Black Scale" and Stussy. There is Definitely something for everyone!


El Mercado
5287 w. Pico Bvld
Los Angeles,Ca
l Mercado Online


Summer Days: Gear Vol.2

(Photo: Award Tour Yacht Club Shirt courtesy of my bro Loch from Award Tour)

This is another back post. This was the gear I sported to my First job orientation/interview. Seeing how the job has 0 to do with fashion they most likely didnt care. But this is what I was feeling at that point in time. The cameras are ALWAYS rollin'.

(Photo: American Eagle Stripe* Short)

I literally bugged my mom for the longest in search of some type of bottoms with these stripes. I call them train conductor painter paints. Excuse my lack of knowledge for the term. Theses are another super lightweight pair of shorts. The only thing I get scared about is staining or ripping them because there so light.

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Daily Snaps.



Model: Ryan Alexander
Photographer: Tyler Adams
Wearing: Jacket by Prada

For Photo inquiries contact Ty.A.Adams@gmail.com

Can't Stop The Crooks.

Crooks and Castles X Vans Moda Sneaker.

Summer Days: Gear Vol.1


When I think about summer I personally think about clothing. So, recently in my backyard I've been having this "Summer in Miami" type of ordeal. As you can see from my outfit, I'm cool chillin. Since my blog does have a deal of "fashion" as Summer goes on I will make post here and there of my day's choice. The outfit in this post is back dated as well as the next one coming up.

(Photo: American Eagle Big Island Short)

These are my favorite shorts. I bought them last summer but barely wore them because I didnt do anything. There ULTRA lightweight and they can be kinda thrown together with a lot of tee's and things. There actually swimming trunks but I use them as regular shorts.

(Photo: Ray ban Inspired Tortoise Shell glasses)

These are my favorite pair of glasses right now, well also my only pair. Besides the on going trend of the wayfarer style glasses, theses actually fit my face. As one searches for glasses you will find that not all glasses are made for any oneperson. What really got me was the spiff Tortoise Shell.

Soak up some S U N


Tidal Wave.

Vans 106 SF A SURF shoe, or Post surf shoe from Vans. Hemp Upper x Bamboo lining; $60 Vans.com

I really don't own a lot of red items, but i really like these shoes. They scream summer when I look at them. I think its a must.


Glass House Sex.

Air Jordan XII Rising Sun . White Leather with Black accents. These are really nice. The XII are personally one of my favorite number jordans


Cyber Shot

Digital Girl Remix Feat. DRAKE

I Got A Big.

For some reason i really like this song. The video is great. I love the black and white thing bey is going for now a days. hmm. oh yea, KanYe's on this one.


Laker Parade


Yes, I attended the 2009 Los Angeles Lakers Champion Parade. Why? I honestly dont know. I dont think ive ever seen that many people in one place in my life. At 9:00 am Me,My Mom and Bret suited up and traveled to downtown LA. I began to ask myself "Self, what the fuck did we get into this time. This experience was too much for me.



One plus about this occasion is that I got some random publicity. If you watched FOX channel 11 around 9 or 10 - ish you most likely saw me with some OG Mexicans. Also before the coliseum gates closed on me, i had a talk radio interview. Once again random, but i didn't complain.


Puppet Man

Puppet Face

I was extremely mad when i found out that i arrived early but too late to get one of the infamous puppet fans. These things were genius. When i first saw them they killed me, I couldn't stop laughing. For the rest of the day i sang Poker face but instead i was saying PUPPET face.

Laker Parade
in this photo: roughly 90,000 live people.

Just so you can get an idea of what i went through, this photo isn't even the full scale of how many people ( including crazy drunk ass homeless people ) that attended. This is RIDICULOUS! Like honestly wrap your mind around this crowd and the noise, attitudes, and energy.

We Run LA

In conclusion, I walked about 2 miles and i didn't get a puppet face. The police are assholes. Laker fans or just people in LA are insane. We really ran LA for a whole damn day. I run the city every day but the parade was definitely an experience to remember. Would I do it again? Hmmmmmm Pending


Summer Days: Vol. 1

So I hope it would be right in assuming that "summer" is finally swinging its way around. Its been a long academic year for me. Unfortunately i am perpetually busy. This past friday i returned home from taking part in a retreat. It was great, when I walked in my room from the retreat there was a package there.

Award Toour

Victory! My brother Phil down at Award Tour hooked it up with the shirt I scoured for online. Its a PERFECT fit. and i've been rocking it around town. The shirts used for his line are like heaven. I have yet to come across a shirt of equal quality.


My mom even loves the shirt and began to ask me why i didn't order her one. I tried to avoid her questions by asking if yellow was a good color for me. I think so, Its summer time, BE DIFFERENT. On the retreat I was on, one of my friends made a very thoughtful statement. It was about summer being the perfect time to try new things, step out the box, get uncomfortable and LIVE a little


Happy Summer



Patiently Waiting.



This bad boy is on its way. Im so excited. For those of you who know how quickly the pieces went. BIG FACE HUNNNETS

High Light


This past weekend was my school graduation. All my bro's are getting older and are off to college and such. That night there was a party thrown by T.I.U entertainment and Dj Ken. It was good to see all my people having a good time with no drama ( so i think ).

Hands Up

Self Centered

Who Shot Ya?



Green Machine Cut

Green Machine by Tyler Adams

Hot Damn.

Melo better watch is wife.


Follow Me.


Follow Me.



Final Cut! Kanye West paranoid


Yellow = Sex

Well if you haven't noticed this infatuation with yellow. Im looking for yellow jackets and its summer. I do what the hell i want to do any ways. So both jackets are sex term used by Justyn y Damon . One is on Sale but not in yellow which is depressing. and the other is 129 dollars. fml.

Jackets by: King Stampede


Patent Leather.


I have a strong feeling if i dont own these shoes all hell will break loose. Yellow Leather! Black P.Leather! Oh My! and there reasonable, even though i rarely wear high top shoes. Ill make an exception.

Shoes By: Nike found at local nike accounts.