Laker Parade


Yes, I attended the 2009 Los Angeles Lakers Champion Parade. Why? I honestly dont know. I dont think ive ever seen that many people in one place in my life. At 9:00 am Me,My Mom and Bret suited up and traveled to downtown LA. I began to ask myself "Self, what the fuck did we get into this time. This experience was too much for me.



One plus about this occasion is that I got some random publicity. If you watched FOX channel 11 around 9 or 10 - ish you most likely saw me with some OG Mexicans. Also before the coliseum gates closed on me, i had a talk radio interview. Once again random, but i didn't complain.


Puppet Man

Puppet Face

I was extremely mad when i found out that i arrived early but too late to get one of the infamous puppet fans. These things were genius. When i first saw them they killed me, I couldn't stop laughing. For the rest of the day i sang Poker face but instead i was saying PUPPET face.

Laker Parade
in this photo: roughly 90,000 live people.

Just so you can get an idea of what i went through, this photo isn't even the full scale of how many people ( including crazy drunk ass homeless people ) that attended. This is RIDICULOUS! Like honestly wrap your mind around this crowd and the noise, attitudes, and energy.

We Run LA

In conclusion, I walked about 2 miles and i didn't get a puppet face. The police are assholes. Laker fans or just people in LA are insane. We really ran LA for a whole damn day. I run the city every day but the parade was definitely an experience to remember. Would I do it again? Hmmmmmm Pending

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those tats are SICK ! i love the lakers but not that much ! hah