Well done.

I really love the way this video was shot. And the black corvette. Im going to watch it like 10 more times



So i believe that this packaging idea is too clean. When i originally looked i thought it was a case for action figures. Complex is coming with the heat lately with the covers. OH YES.


Mr. International

So i began to step it up this week. Introducing my Sprint Blackberry Tour. I dont know how to completely use the phone but give me some time and ill have it down pack. Also i need some cases and such. Im a technology dweeb, and i need pocketprocters for all my stuff. Oh well! hit me up so we can exchange info. lol





Ok im back. So many of you may not know but i go to a private school. Today we had liturgy (its a jesuit school also) and i snapped some photos of me and my friends bow tie. I thought he was killin the bt. I had the black thing going except for my watch. Overall today was pretty good, got out early and went to lunch and laughed. I ate chipotle which knocked me out when i got home. Then i sat at my computer for a cool minute trying to decide what to do with the line. Oh man.




indeed. my sister puttin in work.

Model: Lauren Genieve
Shoot: "Puff" by Tyler Adams



expect to hear a little more from me. A little ventilation wont hurt right! If your ready hop on board if not, then watch from afar. Shits changing, the seasons are changing, the line is hopefully changing. New faces New Places and New Friends. I keep repeating my words in three's. No clue why.

Stay Tuned. . . Finely Tuned.




Lets conduct ourselves better.

Class Act.

LV keychains. Classico!

By Any Means

Dont Even Play w/ Me!

SUPER Fall 2009:
I love glasses and super refuses to disappoint me. When i stack up some paper please don't be disturbed if these are on my face. You know i have a weird frame obsession!

Can you see me. . . . I can see you!

Feature Presentation.

Fashion Night Out w/ itsbongoboy Oh mann now i really want to go to NY. Angeles we can do better!


Marc my words.

Marc Jacobs skate deck on em.


I Can Front Page Ya

Photo by Ty Adams.

Download the bro KaY's mixtape. you will not be disappointed. Ill drop the link soon.

What a lovely way to Burn!

Timelapse - Los Angeles Wildfire from Dan B. on Vimeo.