New Faces.




Today i was in search of new and upcoming photographers, and instead ive stumbled across modelos. Good or No?



Ross Feat. Trina - Face

Enough is E N O U G H

(Photo: taken from thisislavie.com)

What is up with the rebirth trend going on. All the ladies are having this urge to cut their heads. Not saying there is any thing wrong with cutting hair. But to me its starting slowly become a trend. What is going to happen when they are tired of it? I dont know!

Recent Trabajado.


A recent shoot i put together. It was alot of fun dodging the mall police and such. Thank you's go out to Ryan,Alexys,Brittany,and Tay for doing the shoot. I love you all. I didnt want to hurt em too much. Let me know how you feel.

See these shades block the sunrays..

Black Status-Grey Ant $265.00

i need these. and i dont care what you say.

Oh American Apparel.



Ive Found It!!!!!!!!!!

Jansport x HUF backpack.

SUCCESS ive been looking for a backpack and ive thing this is the one. its sooooooooo nice. and it has the purple rain interior. Im too excited hopefully it releases.



So today im rushing through the beverly centre trying to get my mac fixed. I show up the the appointment late, so they pull me. As im rushing to the car on my way to the grove. I see Ryan Leslie . Im like woah. So of course i leave my camera at home, so im stuck with using my sidekick. So please excuse the quality. Its unlike my kind. But ryan was cool enough to take a photo with me. I look homeless, i had just got off work. Here it is:


Can we say Definite. November release and is a must. cool.calm.collected.

lets pick up the pace.


Im back.

Hey guys. I feel as if i've been slacking with keeping you guys updated on me and the various things around me. So lets get to it! This past week i was enrolled into a graphic design class at ucla which was awesome I met so many new people and I didnt want to leave. Next up starting tomorrow I begin work! Im somewhat excited but then again im not that excited. Finally next weekend is the Unlaced sneaker event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Hopefully I will be bouncing around there. Below is the flyer for the even incase any of you want to come and hang out.



jerk video by my instructors brother. lol good shit.


Best I Ever Had

Drake -Best I Ever Had
Music Video Directed by Kanye West

Job well done. . . "Clap Clap...Bravo"

Daily Snaps.



Model: Josh of PMLA
Photographer: Tyler Adams
Location: El Mercado

The Sixties.

Air Jordan 7 60+ Pack
Release: August 22,2009
Suggested Retail Price: $310 USD


Blue Magic.

Nike SB Blue Lobster.

Unfortunately I missed the original lobster release so hopefully i don't miss out on these. They can be found at some local sb accounts depending on where you are.


Mr Hudson Feat. Kanye West- Supernova

Not Rhinestones

Diamond Supply Co. x Maybach Music Group Tee.

This screams out SUMMER. This is a definite grab. Watch Me.