Are you not Entertained!

Chris Brown Ft Swizz Beats y Lil Wayne - ICTY


Change of Heart.

Meet the replacement. There has been a change of plan. No more nikon, i know some of you might give me shit about this decision, but im the one with the $$$$. Canon XSI 12.2 megapixels. Cut me some slack, its nice! Im waiting any day now. Im TOO excited!

Goals #1

I know this might sound far-fetched but i need polariod film. BADLY. Im really upset that its discontinued because ive had this camera since i was atleast 5. I want to do some different things to add variety with it. If any of you know where I can get some or can donate some please contact me asap!

Break the mold!

Does this look familar? HP jumped on a good things. Introducing the HP "Envy" 15 in. super notebook, their fastest consumer notebook and the world’s thinnest, lightest quad-core notebook. Inside: Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB of DDR3 1066 MHz system memory with a choice of two 15.6″ HP Brightview high-resolution LED backlit displays. WOW

Stepping to the dark side.

I originally told my self, "self, were not going to buy expensive headphones." and we lied. The Beats by Dre empire has release a couple of new products lately. I don't know if you guys have been on top of things. I went in house the other day and these bad boys were $179.99. WHY NOT! The only con is that these are not the original beats. These puppies are called the SOLO and their a little bit smaller in size which is fine with me. Its going to happen. Im sorry!

Pulling my hair out!

Me in AP studio, Fall 2009

Well, fortunately im alive. I've been overly stressed out. Between school, family, and the social, i dont know what to do. Some of you may not know, but i am a High School Senior. And right about now life is hell. Graduation plans, College Apps, and Personal time can drive you insane. Above you can see snap shots of me in class, my AP studio class. That class is going to be the death of me. My artistic abilities are constantly tested and stretched. Please stay tune for a progression of me and my work. Im going to blog as often as possible. Like its a homework assignment. I promise.




Nikon D3000 If everything goes as planned this will be my next child.


Rene Habermacher


give me feedback, should i continue this?


Nike SB Brainwreck. I fuckn love this shoe. And im going to get them, i hope. This is a little off my personal season but there needed



Now you would be out of your mind to tell me that this cardigan/sweater is NOT on point. Guess who its by! im not telling. but it is definitely along the lines of my personal season.

Holiday Season!

Vans Holiday Collection

is really giving it to me right now. I am a extreme fan of the chukka boot and I've been patiently waiting for a decent one to come along. Me and suede really don't blend well but i just might have to. Can you see where I'm going this season?


Check Point.




Familiar face to the blog, Ryan, is making some moves. Here he is seen in a shoot titled "Just do it" by Alejandro Garcia.