The Muffin Man ! ! !

Well Im not the muffin man, but i did bake some bad ass cooks. Not Cookies Cooks. lol so its raining out side and cold. So im going to enjoy my shit.


triple choc. w/ white choc mmhmm.


Be Prepared

The main focus on the word prepared is the PRE. Meaning before, blah blah. So we hit the streets this weekend and I mean like ALL the streets to find Bret some shit for his 18th bday party comming up. If I tell you we didnt find SHIT. I dont know how, but we didnt. On this adventure we hit the bev center where I saw Swizz beats and Pink . To end it all off, We hit melrose on sunday and stumbled into the sportie la parking lot sale. Which was sauce when we got to it. lol Depressing. Then into the new location of barracuda. Its fuckn sick and they always have a sale. They gave me two free magazines that I usually go into borders and buy for like 5 to 6 dollars a piece. I was TOO happy.

Quote of the month : "what does the GUCCI smell like"

Los Fotos:



Crash Landed


I got it ! And I like it. Well the exception of love lock down. I could do with out that song. It is a different vibe to it. He DOES NOT sound like T-Pain at all. My favorite track is "Say you will". Im just waiting to get my hard copy for the collection.

- ayy thats tye

Lo Siento !

please let me UPDATE you.

So i've been gone for a cool little minute now and im back. School and other aspects of life have been getting to me and the blog has suffered. So for those who refresh the page hoping for updates to pop up there comming now.



Loch is taking my lunch money!

Please swing over to Award Tour when you have a chance. The new pieces are insane. Im pretty sure this is what we've all been waiting for, well atleast I have. My eyes are set on a couple of items. I've been bugging loch and checking his blog daily. I believe everything should be clear tommorrow!


to get a look at the newClick Here!

Shout out to Loch


Comming Soon

Veteran's Day !

So I basically had a 4 day weekend. Monday I was legally off, and today I didnt feel well so . . Any who, Monday I finnaly got to flip through my new Complex Mag. Complex has been kinda cutting me short. These last two issues have been TINY, But I'm a huge fan regardless. Check it out when you get a chance!

please excuse my poncho lol



Gardena's biggest clown fell out the computer chair. I wish it was on video.

I'd put a ring on it!

with the QUICKNESS


the 44th



Two C's: Crewneck n Cardigan

Personally I think these are two important clothing articles one should own. They both serve as a good substitute for a BIG ass jacket. Its starting to get a little cooler so choose your sides wisely.

The Cardigan can be used for an upscale event, or just to be thrown on. It adds that extra (insert word) to an outfit.


Skyway Cardigan by Mishka

The Crewneck,also known as the sweat shirt. .etc, is another great choice. They come in many different colors and styles, From High Fashion to Street wear. Loose or Fitted styles are an option when choosing a crew neck. It usually depends on the buyer.


Fairfax Lion Crewneck by Freshjive

Thank You, Come Again



Photographer: Tye Adams
Model: Johnnie



Oven Baked !

I've been slacking with the blog posts again! I'm sorry! Every weekend for like the last three weeks I've been out with the Weekenders. GSP readers please welcome Bret and Brittany. This weekend started with us going to LACMA for the Vanity Fair exhibit. Then we sped down to melrose to pop into Johnny's spot, then to the beverly centre. It started pouring rain when we were out. We did completely nothing in the beverly c. We saw the game though, in the LOUIS store making some purchases. He wasnt all rugged either, I peeped his nike windbreaker ( a vintage one too). To end the day we had lunch at california pizza kitchen.

Here's the evidence:

(excuse the voice, i was chewing on a candy apple.)



im on with the bape store. the new shit is nice. I cant lie.




we came
we saw
we conquered