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New Doo2


Above is a peek at my new project. . . My Head some dont like it but i dont care. Its in progress. Summer 2009 oh yea.

Ty Adams


Why Are You So. . .

KanYe West - Paranoid;

Rihanna makes an appearance in the video and looks ON


My Soul

This has to be the Sickest piece ive seen in a while. PLEASE watch. choreo from lando.

Clock Work

kwest at it again; I really admire his work ethic. Constantly in projects here and there, and dressed for the occasion. There is a sneak peak for his louis vuitton collabo.


Award Tour Summer 2009 "Born To Run"

Photos: theawardtour.com

So about roughly 8 minutes ago from when i publish this post. Phil from AwardTour released photos from the summer 09 collection. So i apart from me calling my cousin yelling, im getting like 4 or 5 items without second guessing. This made my day. Unfortunately Phil is taking my money again, but shit. I dont see how i could pass this up. Im just rambling about this cause im excited. Yellow is my color! soo yea. Man o Man.

P.S: Congrats Phil

Ty Adams



The Iphone 4g concept of some sort, but this bad bitch comes with I C H A T. This will definately change my life forever and i definately need this.

Please Forgive Me

Im Back! Yes its true, spread the fucking word. My week of "vacation" is over. Now its back to reality. . Whomp Whomp So now I have to make up for my absence. I hope you didn't miss me too much. I've realized I have Alot of work to put in.

Are You Ready?



It saddens me to say that the blogging will be put on a brief pause. Im going on "vacation". I am in much need of it so thats how its going to go. I love you all!

I leave you with a video of stylist ibn jasper.

See You on Tuesday

Ty Adams.






I have recently found an extreme liking to the old school stussy tribe surf. These shirts remind me of my childhood. I need them all! Especially the orange one.

Photo's from: Fruition LV




BBC x New Era S/S 09 fitted hat.


Mizzo's Shoppe Vol.1

(Dun Dun Dun. . . .Tahdaah!!) Well viewers, I am please to present you a new edition to the blog. Mizzo's Shoppe. "Online" shop carrying various/rare shoes and other novelties from my boy Mizzo and his exclusive collection. There will be hopefully weekly posts, maybe twice a week. Each post will hopefully carry a history of the item(s). You will be able to view photos of the items to get an idea on the product. There will be a sidebar with contact info. Please give me feedback on the new section. Well here it is, I present to you Mizzo's Shoppe Vol.1 !

Nike Zoom Flight 95

Size: 12
Condition: Good
Price: $80.00


Gun to my head!

Me @ 10:15 a.m

Why o Why, I am tired of this. As you can see my mind was completely somewhere else.


Tom Foolery

Lil Kim Download Featuring Charlie Wilson & T - Pain Music Video

I love kim, the video is hilarious. But those little ass computers and charlie just singing his soul away.


Nike Tech-Challenge Hybrid.

Addicted to the series

I really like the theme of these movies. The way the Set looks and the somewhat gloomy colors. ahhhh

its so cold in the G

If you are from any where near gardena you would probaly recognize the shirt snoop has on. PURE Comedy

Swimming with the Fishes.

all I can really say is YES


So you can see my face now! Since I've been in production I haven't had time to get a haircut so I looked real Rugged Fortunately that has all changed. Above is a fresh photo of me in the new me. Thank you for bearing with me for my new endeavors, I've been trying to constantly update. So for this updated im throwing on some post and a change of song. Excuse my song but thats just what I was thinking about when I was going through things to do. Yes i Am a Tyga fan, but not a fan of him x chanel iman. What else is going on? I am currently working on Summer samples which are exciting. Thank you for continuing to read my blog. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD www.myspace.com/highxend

Stay with me
Ty Adams

Lets get Lifted

LRG x Casio G-Shock S/S collabo

thats my next baby

London's Bridge

Lauren London Complex

Lauren London for Complex Mag.

Bad or BAD!


Still The Baddest

Ol Girl in the blue sweat pants KILLS it!


Oh Man; Comedy

Chris Brown

"Chris Brown" x Freshjive T-Shirt available at Reserve shirt

Dos de Mayo

Nike Air Yeezy Black x Pink

The Time

Breakfast At Tiffany's

May 2009 Nike SB "Tiffany" Dunk Mid

I have a thing for that light teal; Its almost "Re-Up" Time