Summer Days: Gear Vol.1


When I think about summer I personally think about clothing. So, recently in my backyard I've been having this "Summer in Miami" type of ordeal. As you can see from my outfit, I'm cool chillin. Since my blog does have a deal of "fashion" as Summer goes on I will make post here and there of my day's choice. The outfit in this post is back dated as well as the next one coming up.

(Photo: American Eagle Big Island Short)

These are my favorite shorts. I bought them last summer but barely wore them because I didnt do anything. There ULTRA lightweight and they can be kinda thrown together with a lot of tee's and things. There actually swimming trunks but I use them as regular shorts.

(Photo: Ray ban Inspired Tortoise Shell glasses)

These are my favorite pair of glasses right now, well also my only pair. Besides the on going trend of the wayfarer style glasses, theses actually fit my face. As one searches for glasses you will find that not all glasses are made for any oneperson. What really got me was the spiff Tortoise Shell.

Soak up some S U N

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where yu get the shades at cuhh ?