Today was friday, even though it felt like a saturday. I have no clue why but thats how it was. it was brittany's last day in town before her cruise, so we strolled on down to labrea x melrose x fairfax. It was partially raining which was WHACK. I had a itinerary/list of things to accomplish. Did I? NO

Bret being forced to take a photograph

Then I was searching for the correct Marc Jacobs store and couldnt find it, so i took this picture to show my ALMOST victory. If you havent been here, you need to go. asap

Marc Jacobs

My last stop was to reserve on fax. I walked in and saw no other but Hugh Augustine chillin with 2sant. So i messed arround in there for a minute. Harrassed Hugh about a photoshoot and his Mom , Then I had to shake back to Gardena


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