The Commonwealth.

So this weekend was definitely interesting. I didn't do shit friday or saturday, But sunday, lovely sunday. I had a photo-shoot! (Yay) So I packed up my goods and headed towards the fairfax district. Before everything began i made sure i made my stop to Yogurt-Land. Me and my mom make trips here religiously. If we pass it or even sense it we stop!

(Heaven in a cup,my deadly mixture from yogurt-land, taken with canon xsi)

It was a beautiful day, but that never takes away from the random things that happen in sunny Los Angeles. As i was sitting in my car waiting for a friend to begin the shoot, i see Common drive by. Im like wait. . is that Common. Turns out it was him and he stopped by the park to catch up on some basketball. Aside from this appearance there were many other things at this park, and finally "she" showed up for the shoot.

(Shots from the shoot, "Senior Portraits")

We spent some time wondering around the park laughing and shooting. To me the photographs turned out really nice. It was a very random and diverse park. We even received another special guest appearance from a friend. As we began to wrap up the shoot a random kid showed up to our table. He explained his situation and that he was in rehab and only wanted to call his girl friend. When he originally asked i was shocked and didn't pay attention. We let him use a phone and some what listening to his convo since he was sitting right by us. I began to feel a little bad for him. He is from the east coast and is down here, i think he might have a interesting story to tell.


Finally the work was done! we wrapped the shoot and i began to move forward to my next adventure. We parted ways and i then convinced my mom to take me to the grove. Mind you this was my first time out in public eye with the "new" camera. I stepped out the car and went into the grove, where i was treated like a paper-razzi. I have never received that type of vibe.

( Me leaving the park looking like a monster, taken with Canon Xsi )

( The Grove Crowd, taken with Canon Xsi )

( The Book, taken with Canon Xsi)

I received slanted eyes as i made way to the bookstore. Is that to much to ask for? A simple book from the bookstore. Once inside, you know the world didn't want me to have the book so it took like five hours but i finally got it! The book is by teen vogue and it has a spread on professional photographers in the industry. I've been shuffling through it and its pretty damn good. There was my WHOLE sunday.


Vyron said...

damn, she is tiiight

NotForTheFaintOfHeart said...

Boy you have a good mother. I just hope you appreciate Auntie April. She's dumb supportive. I don't know why I felt the need to say it but I did!