Today i stayed home from school, and went crazy! I did a master sweep of the sea of nonsense in my topcloset. I threw everything out and grabbed a trash bag and went in. I was amazed to come across half the things that i did, old prehistoric drawings before "High End" was High End.




If you follow me semi-often, you know that i LOVE to read things that i find interesting, like complex. Here is visual proof that im not new to this, check those dates on those young magazines. There are more but i didnt dig them up. All of those were located on my desk next to my old computer. I find complex to be helpful,informative, and comical. Then next on my list of things are two Bibles. The first one is the Street-wear guide and the second is the Teen Vogue Handbook. Both are extremely helpful in two areas i would like to occupy. So this was a little book club post to let you know what im reading. Ill keep you posted.

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