Tons of SHIT !

When I say tons of shit,I Literally mean tons. Yesterday was an even unlike any other ive experienced. the AMERICAN APPAREL FLEA MARKET. Thousands of discounted garments, beautiful people, friends, foes, and arguements. Honestly Im not a fanatic of american apparel,I like the shit, But I couldnt see my self standing in line from the position I was in. So I pulled some strings and cut ahead the line with some friends who graduated from good ol loyola high. So through all of the struggle in line with Jacob and his friends WE MADE IT ! through it all he left with some sick as jeans and things. i Took some shit home too, and some pics that can be found here at politeinpublic.com . when I got home I died fainted and all of the shit like that. I was exhausted. I would have made a post lastnight but mann. Any who
here are the photos :

they saved my life ; shout outs to john and the asian bro's
this place is like the sweatshop projects lmao its crazy
some promo type. HIGH END clothing co
brother jacob lmao.
the tots and jade couldnt hide from this blog !
cool bag, some photos, some tee's, some socks, sun burn etc

was it worth it??
Thank You; Come again !

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asian bros that's whatsup. haha