summer is here. well its been here but. . .

thats not the point. its abt 2 sumthin in the morning and im at brets house and hes telling someone that he killed me. to top all that shit off i had to WALK from carmyns house through ROWLEY PARK to get heere at like 1 am.

congrats to all the grads. i realized that alot of my friends are leaving etc.
blah blah.

Highend still comming, it takes time.

what have ive been duing? getting turnt with bret,ty,isiah,keenan,ciley, and some other graduates.really think i need to stop.its the weeknd and too much shit has been happening. So i jus wanted to post something to let those who read kno im alive.

thou shall not drink more than three shots of goose" -- ciley

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