"if I didnt do music I would die"


today I received the chance to interview Hugh Augustine the MC, a 16 year old Los Angeles native who has a passion for music. One of the coolest people I know, Hugh sat down to share some of his words on music,style, and Lil Wayne.

T: How old are you?
H: 16

T: How long have you been active in music?
H: When I was 2 i spit a rap to "gin n juice"

T: What describes your music style?
H: Its a blend of underground with some main stream and conscious lyrics

T: How would you describe your personal style?
H: Street style, STREET wear, it has a graffiti influence. Oh yea. . ONLY NIKES !

T: What do you bring to the tables that others dont?
H: Everyone is in this for money, im not.


T: If you could end a career who's would it be?
H: Lil Wayne !
T: Really, Why?
H: Because he's the leader of an ignorant movement, he music dosent make anyone think positive.

T: Where can we catch you on the weekend?
H: In the studio, if not there on faifax,at the movies, or rollerblading.

T: Lakers or Celtics?
T: Ugh!
H: Ive been a fan since 2002, I've met Paul Pierce.

T: Top 3 upcomming artsts?
H: Hugh Augustine
H: Hugh Augustine the MC
H: Hugh Andre Augustine !

T: Anthing else?
H: Shout out to bo and the pump house gang,the softspoken,TMK, Mt.Holyoak where the magic happens, the mpc club and thanks to High End for supporting REAL music. Life

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