"open the fuckn door"

well. im posting a minor post to let everyone kno that im not dead. ive been some what buzy the past feew weeks. with this prom shit etc etc

we have decided on a prelim. release date of the first week of june so stay on that to see whts going on

i want to personally say THANK YOU on behalf of keilenn and i, on all the support and feedback we have recieved regarding the line.

also there will be another high end shoot comming up lookin for a couple new faces to shoot once we get running.

ummm, ne thing else

ohhh yeaa. my weeknd was a mission


be came family reunion ground,

kickd it with bret and rich. seen some NB'ers. went to outbacks where they get you high off steak.

took my mom to del amo for m.day. snuck away and bought me a jacket. lol BLAAh.

and now im here,

take a look


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