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Today's post is a brief interview about an emerging brand YD&HS. I ran across a interview on the boss man himself Mr.Maiko, and liked the project he has going. I'm going to start sending readers a insight to the things I'm reading about and the people I interact with.

Introduce yourself to the readers.

what's up Gold Safety Pin, I'm Christian Maiko Head Designer & Creator of YoungDumb&HighStrung (YD&HS)

What inspired you to start YD&HS?

YD&HS was inspired by the song US Placers by CRS. It was originally just small graphic design & blog campaign to show the general observation of our generation the partying, sex, drugs, music etc. then the name just stuck & it quickly began gaining support.

What item(s) can’t you leave the house without?

My blackberry BOLD of course,sunglasses & cigarettes//lighter..I know its two items but you can't have one without the other.haha.

When is the release date for the project and what goals do you have for it?

Well the original release date was on January 1st 2010, but I realized I couldn't provide the full effect of what I want to do in such a short period, so the new release date is February 10th 2010. As far as goals for YD&HS, too many to put in just one statement, but I just want to open some peoples eyes.

Cigars or Cigarettes?

Cigarettes,all day every day..cigars are just too much in my opinion.

What is the Breakfast of a Champion?

Haha, I don't know about "champions" but my breakfast usually consists of a cigarette, some vitamins, candy or waffles & an iced chai latte or water. Worst meal possible I know.

What Cd’s are currently in your stereo?

1.) Lupe Fiasco-Enemy of the State: A Love Story
2.) YD&HS- Halloween Horror Mix
3.) The Bloody Beetroots- Rombo
& I've been meaning to pick up The Clipse-Till The Casket Drops but its been sold out everywhere.

If you could pick 4 people to collaborate with, who would it be.

Hmm..I had a few people in mind at first, but now I'm not sure. As of right now nobody, but later on down the road we'll see.

Where is YD&HS located?

Currently headquarters is based out of Virginia, but we're making a move soon.


Blackberry of course.

Interesting talents?

None that I can think of.haha.

Do you see anything wrong with the current industry(fashion)?

I'd say streetwear, but I have friends in the streetwear industry that are actually doing new inventive things & making a name for themselves by doing so..So I'm going to say the over saturation of the market. Everyone wants to be a designer or a model & don't get me wrong I'm not saying they can't have a dream but not everyone can be in this industry, besides the world still needs teachers,police officers & pizza delivery.

Favorite Designer?

In streetwear & on the business side of things I'm always sticking with Johnny Earle.
In high fashion I have to say Marc Jacobs I know it sounds cliche but after seeing his creative process & the product that comes out of it you have to respect the guy.

Last Words!

Thanks again Gold Safety Pin,
be sure to check out more from YD&HS at www.YDHS.wordpress.com & follow us on twitter @YDandHS www.YDHS.com coming soon!


Emperor Paolo said...

I have the glasses the kid in the third pic is wearing.

Paulinsky said...

I j adore people on their grind.
My word verification was letal,that's ill.