Window to your SOLE


Well Im going to take the time to actually talk about some things. I know you guys read the blog and notice that I dont say much. ( laughing )Well its currently 10:18 pm and Im sitting at my computer listening to my ipod mewssing wiht my cripple sister! Lets start with my weekend. My mom went out of town in a sense fpr a day or two, so I played the roll of like a single parent, even though I was home alone lol. My alone time gave me time to think and chill blah blah.( A brief stray from topic, I'm really not feeling this swagg movemen. Everything is swagg this swagg that. When I hear the word I like yell like im getting stabbed. ( as I proof read this im screaming lmao). It works for some , but not for me.) Alright so this weekend I made some new friends, went to a HILARIOUS* dinner party, bought a tee, and chilled with my bro. It was a akward, but yet coool weekend. I went into UP! against... blah blah yea I shop there ! But besides that why was the Dj like craccn tho, I wish i toted thecamera to bring footage but I didnt. As I rap this up im becoming sad that tomorrow is Monday. ARRRRGH.

Who Shot Ya ?
-- tYe A.

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LiebeNa said...

love.love.love! finally your voice...jk. i love your blog. but i totally feel you on that swag deal and im in ny so i have to hear that swagger like puff bs too! ahhh