So, I had the chance to interview Keezy [ creator or i.L.L ] check out his blog in the connect section


Who are you?
Keezy the strange

Age ?
21 ..im'a geezer i know lol

you have to marry one and fuck one
Oprah or Wendy williams?

marry oprah..an i suppose fuck wendy williams or...even better just have a 3some with both haahah

whats the best thing about Los Angeles?
the sun and the nasty ass beach's lol

what inspires your style?
music! art some what.

Who has Wack style?
that would be very rude to say..lol but if i had to say it woulf be soulja boi ya tric yaaaa!! lol naw but he's ok lol

Favorite Gadget?
the one in my pants buwhahahha naw but seriously...umm ps3 =)

Favorite Food?
sea food anything that comes from the ocean i will pretty much eat

Most Expensive Clothing you own?
this dolce & gabbana p coat im not gonna say the price though lol

Thing yoy regret buying the most?
those ugly as kanye shades uughh! lol

Sidekick or Blackberry?
iphone! but im stuck with this lame ass sidekick

Pharrell or kanYe?
wow...i like pharralls child like personality an ambition because it reminds me of my own but if im still gonna have 2 go with kanye

Favorite music right now ?

Favorite Store?
barracuda and h&m

Any last Words?

i aslo rap check out my awefull music page lol

http://www. myspace. com/keezythestrange oh an thanx for the interview im'a have to give you one someday

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